Ionic html in angular project

Hi All,
I need to on how to use ionic HTML content into my angular project. I have added the HTML code which I used

<ion-segment [(ngModel)]="galleryType" color="blue">
    <ion-segment-button value="regular">
    <ion-segment-button value="pinerest" (click)="nativePage()">

When I give ng serve to my angular project the above HTML code is not working I am just able to see Regular and Pinterest in a test format. Can some please help me with this.


ionic component are not direct part of any angular project. You can not use it in angular project. To use it develop ionic application with web platform

I understand that but isn’t there any way to hack it anything.

The hack is Use following steps

  1. Create your own custom component with same IONIC component name
  2. Copy CSS of IONIC component to newly defined component
  3. Add Add Required Events and attribute to it

Use it any where in your project.
Is the only way I know at the moment but definitely will work on this issue on Saturday and will update you in case of any new invention

Thank you baviskarmitesh i will also try from my end on this.