Using fileChooser to pick a file from google drive and download it to local folders

Someone knows how to pick a file from google drive?
I want the users can download a file from google drive using filechooser and also copy it to a local folder.
as you know filechooser return a URI like this:


so it is not possible to download or copy a file with such Uri. I have tested this Uri with filePath plugin but I get the same error.
Anybody know the what problem is?

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I have the same issue regarding FileChooser and google disk files.

I can successfuly choose images from google disk using the camera plugin. but every other file is greyed out. Anyone working on a fix for the enc% URI?

actually, if you just have <input type=file> in html and choose files that way, it can successfully get google disk files.

on this page it states; Use Ionic Native plugins when possible.

if you are making a cross-platform app, i would say the opposite; “Use Ionic Native plugins if everything else fails”