Google drive access in ionic app

It is pobbible that no one know how to access to google drive to show list files, upload, download?
Why whit ionic it is so hard to do this?
No guide, no tutorial, no help…Please if someone know anything about share with us. Thanks

You could have done some research on the Ionic forum, here is some links for you. There are plenty more if you search …

thank you…i search and search a lot but no one work

Hi @fabiobalsamo, sorry I didn’t had time to test it before.

I’m pretty much sure it was working (ionic-google-drive) and tested for IOS, when I developed it six months ago.

Will try to test it on Android over the weekend and let you know if found any differences.

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thank you so much @mrazadar, i know that i’m annoyng everybody with this, but from 10 days i can’t find the solution.

any news mr @mrazadar???