Using angular 1.6 with ionic 1

Hey there,

It’s been a while since the angular version bundled with the ionic is updated. My long term goal is to upgrade our application to angular 2 and accordingly to ionic 2 eventually. That’s why I’m so eager to upgrade to 1.6 first.

Does anyone have any experience of upgrading their ionic 1 app to angular 1.6? If so, could you please tell me if you encounter any issues after the upgrade?

I’m not talking about the breaking changes of angular after upgrading from 1.5 to 1.6, more specifically I’m questioning ionic capabilities compatibility with angular 1.6.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

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I’m working on a spike now to upgrade our ionic project to angular 1.6. I was able to manually bundle ionic 1.3.2 with angular 1.6.1, angular-sanitize 1.6.1, angular-animate 1.6.1.

But when I upgraded angular-ui-router as well, I encountered state issues with routing so I downgraded angular-ui-router to 0.2.13 which is the bundled version on ionic 1.3.2. Now the routing is also working fine.

Additionally, you should also satisfy the breaking changes of angular 1.6 with the help of migration guide.

I would be glad if anyone else shares their experience for the same upgrade. I’m watching the thread.



@onderceylan Which version of ui-router have you downgraded from? We want to use 0.4.2. Right now (the first day) works ok

@DmitryG yeah, it works ok. The only thing we couldn’t make it work is to use routing with components. If you’re not depending on using components on your routes, it should be ok.

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Hi guys, thanks for the thread, I’m pretty interested in this subject.

@DmitryG: what were the benefits from switching to ui-router 0.4.2?
@onderceylan: are you still using angular 1.6+ with Ionic 1.3, or did you notice any issue preventing you from going on?

Did anyone manage to make the component routing work?

Thanks again.

We decided to migrate our app into the new ionic and angular. The old version of the framework doesn’t get as much support as the new one from the community.