Ionic 2 upgrade and routing


We are looking to upgrade our project to use Ionic 2. However, Ionic 2 is currently using an older version on Angular 2 (2.2.1) that doesn’t provide decent routing support. The current routing implementation provided by Ionic 2 isn’t really sufficient for our project.

So, I was wondering if the Ionic team planned to adopt the new angular router when Ionic is upgraded to the new version of Angular 2.4.X


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We wont be using the angular router, as it doesn’t fit our needs for mobile apps /PWAs.

We will be making upgrades to the deeplinker to provider more functionality though.

OK thanks. Will this include updating the URI (I know native apps don’t have an address bar but this is something we require). Or possibly abstracting out routing into a singleton class?

Thanks again

As far as URL, this is already supported

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Is there any way to manually upgrade to angular2.4.x, right now I have a issue which was a bug and is fixed in 2.4.8 but I can’t upgrade ?

Officially, no. However, I have done it and not yet encountered any problems. You must make sure to have ionic-app-scripts >= 1.0.1.

They updated today to Angular 2.4.8.
Release 2.1 should come today.
check the last commits on GitHub

Looking in package.json: it looks like Ionic still specifies 2.2.1(?)

AHA! 2.4.8 was rolled back: