User set up bank account & paypal on app via Braintree

In my Ionic 3 app, I used Braintree’s drop-in UI to allow a user to make payments to a merchant via credit card or PayPal. How do I set it up so that the merchant can set up his account (bank/PayPal) info on the app, and then be able to receive payments? I can’t find it anywhere online - all i see is having to set up payment stuff on Braintree’s site and I don’t want that. I want the merchant to be able to enter his PayPal email (or bank details) in the app and then be able to receive payments.

I’m open to an alternative to Braintree for achieving this.


Check PayPal APIs, Braintree APIs, Stripe APIs. They allow you to use their payment system in your own shopping cart and checkout pages. They give you javascript API which you can work with.

Thanks, @jamesharvey. I’ve checked out those APIs, but not much luck on integrating with Ionic. Paypal’s mobile SDK is deprecated and Paypal recommends using Braintree. I can only send payments to existing accounts. I’m looking for a way for a merchant using the app to sign into his account and accept payment.

Try Stripe.

I built an ecommerce from scratch using Laravel and Stripe a few months ago. Stripe ships with javascript API. It worked fine out of box.

and Firebase has FireStripe too:

I’m not a big fan of Stripe though because they let you withdraw money only once a month.

Thanks, James. How would I include its javascript API into Ionic? The Stripe Ionic native plugin doesn’t have all the features I need, specifically adding/managing custom accounts and charging credit cards.
The require("stripe")("sk_test_blahblahblah") format doesn’t work in Ionic (at least I don’t know how to implement it).

stripe.js file is a js file which you can include in your project.
Just include that js file using script tag.

or try Angular stripe npm package: