My country is not supported by stripe yet

I am looking for integrating a credit card payment gateway in my app beside PayPal. Stripe seems to be the most popular choice specially with ionic as it is documented. Unfortunately for me, Stripe doesn’t support my country yet so I need an alternative. Thanks.

I had the same issue before I’m looking for payment gateway to use in my app but Stripe doesn’t support in my country so this is how I did.

Note Strip has ionic plugin which is very helpful for ionic developer.

  1. looking for another payment gateway that support your country :smiley: then contact them If they have payment API.

  2. If yes, you need to integrate with them in backend side.

  3. Once you need to user it on ionic app, you can use in-appbrowser plugin then call payment gateway page.

  4. Use in-appbrowser event to detect browser close. then check the payment process.

That’s it!

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Thanks mate. What payment gateway did you manage to make arrangements with its staff ?

You might want to consider using Braintree, I don’t know the specifics of your situation but they provide a similar service to Stripe. Plus, it’s run by PayPal, and operates in most of the countries that pay pal operates in.

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