Payment method

Hi everyone,

I’m building an ionic 2 app and would need to integrate a payment method but don’t have much information on how to do it and what to use. i’m using ionic 2 and Firebase 3 and have seen some big name like paypal or stripe but no information on how to integrate it in ionic 2.
Any help would appreciate.

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have a look at the Stripe / Paypal web SDK’s. Alternatively check out their Cordova plugins too:

Regarding the implementation:

You can either use plain vanilla js with the respective SDK or install types like

npm install --save @types/stripe

Hope this gives you some sort of direction.


Thanks for your help,

Do you have any information on how to use the Paypal cordova plugin in ionic2 ? i didn’t find any example in Angular2. I installed the SDK and need to use it in a basic payment page.

Sorry, I don’t because I have never used their SDK.