Braintree integration with ionic

Hey all,

I having real trouble finding anything on how to integrate braintree with an ionic app for taking payments. I want to go ahead and start building my app but am not convinced that braintree has enough support for ionic/cordova as the api is all javascript, no mention of hybrid apps.

Has anyone heard of an ionic2 app successfully taking payments through braintree (don’t need the paypal button btw which I hear has issues).


hey i am not able to integrate braintree with ionic2…can u please share the code for that…

what problem do you have ? I’ve followed the braintree guide and it works as expected. The only inconvenient that Ive found is that the class hosted-field is not working on an ion-input and therefore there is a bit of CSS to do…

now it is working. Thanks

Hi Vimalnegi,
I am just lost from where to start(even though I am following ionic braintree documentation) and how to achieve payment successfully. Can you please share sample code for basic payment?