Uploading AppCenter and custom scripts?

I have two questions related to AppFlow.

  • Is it possible to upload apk and ipa files to AppCenter?
  • Can we add custom scripts (pre-build and post-build scripts)?

Thank you.

By AppCenter, do you mean Microsoft AppCenter? If so, no. Appflow does not support this at the moment.

For pre/post scripts, you could take advantage of npms pre/post hooks with something like

"prebuild": "my-pre-build-task",
"build": "my-build-task",
"postbuild": "my-post-build-task",

yes. Microsoft AppCenter. We use it for app distribution to QA people.

We are looking for a cloud CICD solution and tried out AppFlow couple of months back, but we were not able to upload build artifacts to AppCenter and run custom scripts.

Do you think running an ionic Cordova build in AppFlow will trigger the post-build script in package.json? If so, We can make use of it to upload the artifact to AppCenter.
(As far as I can remember posbuild script was execute after ‘ng build’ is completed, not after Cordova build)


That is not possible at the moment with Appflow.

I think I remember the issue exactly.

We were able to upload the android.apk to AppCenter using the after-build Cordova hook.
But it did not work for iOS because Appflow because Appflow did not use “ionic cordova build” for iOS, instead it used xcodebuild.