Anyone actually using AppFlow?

Is there anyone actually using AppFlow to build (and release) apps? I mean, I just became aware that when selecting the “build type = release”, this DOES NOT apply the “–prod” or “–release” options to your build.

To use AppFlow for an actual release build, you have to add the options to the package.json scripts. eg.

  "scripts": {
    "build": "ionic-app-scripts build --prod --release",

Now I’ve scoured the internet (ionic build (v3/4), ionic cordova build, @ionic/app-scripts, ng build, etc.) and nowhere is there any mention of this.

The only documentation I’ve found related to this is:
" npm run build will run if a build script is detected in the scripts section of your package.json in order to build the web assets for your application." found here

If AppFlow isn’t intended to cater for release builds what is the point of using it :roll_eyes: