Appflow `prebuild` script not running?

Hi all,

I have added a prebuild script to my package.json that compiles assets and copies them into my webdir that contains my index.html for capacitor. However, this script doesn’t seem to be executed when I build a commit in AppFlow (the bundle only contains my initial index.html and a manifest).

Locally, the script works just fine when I run npm run prebuild.

Is there something that I might be overlooking?

Cheers, buhrmi

You should see in the build’s log what’s going on - maybe add some console.log(). Also maybe try to add a npm script appflow:build. Appflow will execute this one if it’s present, so try to do the prebuild and normal build in there.

thanks, i renamed the prebuild script to appflow:build and now it’s executed.

seems like the prebuild script is simply ignored for some reason.

But don’t forget to also run the build itself, appflow will exchange the default one with appflow:build

huh… what is the default script? I’ll append it to my custom appflow:build