Anyone tried MS AppCenter with Ionic?



AppCenter from Microsoft sounds great - it’s got push, deployment, UI testing on 1000s of real devices and CI build processes - anyone tried integrating an Ionic project with it?


Problem: There is no Cordova plugin / SDK available (yet?). So you would have to either create one or implement the native stuff in the generated iOS and Android project manually.


Hmm - yes, the documentation seems a bit raw still - it seems that CodePush (a component of AppCenter) has a Cordova plugin but all the rest of the documentation does not mention Cordova). Hopefully they add Cordova compatibility (or MS would be missing a huge market). It looks like a great product in theory…


Looks like Cordova has finally been added. Good Luck trying to understand what they are saying! For MS documentation this isn’t too bad, but a bit rough around the edges.


I’ve tried it.
I was able to install the plugins, but when building there is an error message saying "Module AppCenter not Found"
Anyone having the same issue?


Were you able to resolve this? How are you liking it so far?


Did you added the AppCenterPush to your app.module.ts providers? I’ve tryed to implement this but now, the Android build fails due of unresolved dependecies…


I gave up. It now only seems to work with Ionic v4, but I am not ready to upgrade my apps to v4.