Upload ios app itunes connect error

I’m trying to upload my application to connect itunes but I could not get. Valid from XCODE application without any problem, it also raises and spends the whole process normally. But over 1-2 minutes since connect receive an error, error that appears in iTunes do not understand.


This message appears next to the binary version of iTunes Connect a red alert icon.

I’m working with this application IONIC, it had already risen above versions without any problem to store.

I cleaned the project, it has made new applications in my environment itunes but nothing works for me. I’m not receiving any specific error. As I said earlier binary is validated from xcode.

I am seeing this issue as well. Did you find a solution?

I’m also seeing this. I’ve had multiple versions uploaded to testflight without an issue. However, I made some recent minor changes to the UI and tried to upload a small version increase. Now I get the ITC.apps.preReleaseBuild.errors.processingFailed error.

The only solution I found was to remove the plugin, but I uploaded other applications without any problem, I think the problem is itunes

Yeah I think you are right. It worked for me the next day after rearchiving.

After many attempts received response from apple and plugin problems facing the notification was, I had to remove it.