After updating the ionic to latest, it does not upload app to iTunesConnect


I updated my ionic to latest today.

Npm install ionic -g

After the update, as i open my Xcode and trying to submit to iTunesConnect for internal beta, it says that. Validation failed and the app selected does not exist…

It worked right before i update ionic to latest.
So i used app loader to upload with exported ipa file. It did upload but when i select the build from iTunesConnect for internal beta , it says ‘operation failed.’

I need help.

Are you using Xcode 6.4 ?

If yes, it looks like Apple did something this friday, and you can only upload with Xcode 7 now.


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I guess latest is 7.1, is it safe for Ionic?

It is at least 7.0 Do not use beta version.

It depends, for some plugins you can have errors (like Bitcode issue).

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After to xCode update, it does upload the ipa correctly but when I choose it from testfile it gives me “operation failed” but it seems like its an apple issue.

and now it works… thx!