Are people being able to upload ionic apps to the App Store starting Mar 18 2016?

There was this post:

And then there are folks on SO who are complaining about the same thing right now - see comments - ios - Upload ionic app itunes connect - Stack Overflow

The common issue is the apps are ionic apps, and the error is ITC.apps.preReleaseBuild.errors.processingFailed

From what I understand, it might be that some specific plugin is causing an issue suddenly (I successfully uploaded a previous version of my app 5 days ago and no new plugins were added) - but not sure what - and its not only the keyboard plugin

problem resolved. Turns out it was an iTunes connect issue. Phew.

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Yeah I had the same … upload was still processing … I uploaded a new build (because of the keyboard plugin) the day after and the process was fine. Then couple hours later the failed upload suddenly was processed again lol.