Updating ionic app - need to unistall old version?

Hi, i have a question, when i have already installed ionic app on my phone, then i made some changes and i want to update it. In which cases i have to unistall the app first and in which i dont have to? So far, i have found out, that if i generate apk from another computer, than before i have to unistall old app version first. Are there any rules this, i can rely on? So my customers doesnt have to unistall and install app any time i do update?

You only have to uninstall (on Android, that’s what you are talking about, right?) if you generate with another key store.

Yea iam talking about android. Iam using apk generated pron ionic cordova run android --prod. When i generate apk this way on one computer, install it on android mobile, and then generate updated version on another computer, it looks like it generate with another key store, iam i right?

So how should i generate production apks, so that unistall isnt necessary?

To generate a production APK that can be released, you use --release. This will require a key store to be specified. (Right now it just creates one on every machine as you are building a debug release, --prod is something different to define that you want an optimized build).

Ok, that explains everything