How to update apk ionic

I have my apk here:
I made some changes to the app … now how do I update?

Ionic build android?

I have to delete the folder / Android

and then:
cordova build --release android?

You don’t have to delete the folder.
In platforms/android/cordova run “clean.bat” file that will delete the old .apk file.
Then yes: cordova run android --release
or what i would do is: ionic run android --prod --release

By following your comments,

I’ll get an unsigned apk file

Can i need to generate a new key again and again for ever update?

you never should generate a key again. In fact, you should only generate a key once per project and then especially don’t loose it! Once you’ve uploaded an APK into production, you need the exact same .keystore file to upload a new binary. If you’ve build the APK with the --release flag, you should then sign it with the key and zipalign it.

Thanks luukschoen

I understood but i didn’t know how to sign it with the same key and zipalign

Would you please detail this.


You perform the exact same procedures, but now on your newly generated unsigned apk. If you’ve done the steps once, you could do it twice. The ionic 1 publishing docs are actually still valid.

Thanks luukschoen.

I got it , i just run two commands jarsigner and zipalign