Cant install APK on Phone

Hi I generated the APK using:

cordova build --release android

And it generated two apks:

  • android-release-unsigned
  • android-debug

I copyed both of them to my phone and tried to install the release-unsigned version. Android tried to install and I got a message saying that the app wasnt installed.

For test purpose I tried installing the debug version, and it worked. Please tell me why.

My android version is 6.0;
Cordova version 6.5.0;
Ionic version 2.2.1;

–release command generate apk to create a signed apk which will be upload to google play store.

Use cordova build android it will generate apk for your phone. Use android-debug.apk

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maybe you should try to use ionic command

ionic build android --prod --release

you need to sign, android-release-unsigned api with your keystore using jarsigner

then install the app…

if you have the old version of the app in your phone, you need to uninstall the app first, then install new one

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