Problems with apk version


Hello every1,just completed my first app : Android app
I have made some modifications(splash screen) and events but I am unable to upload it on google store as it reads :slight_smile:

I have even changed the apk version on the creator module when prompted to export it but I have tried so many times to no avail.

Can someone please advise?


Happy New year.

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Happy new year buddy.

Can you please paste here the first 5 lines of your config.xml?

Have you changed the version there?


Thank you for your reply.

I have used the creator for the app and there aren’t lines of code in case modifications have to be made…any advice?


I was reading the Ionic Creator documentation on exporting the apk. There is a field to increase the app version where you build. But you said you already did that… are you sure you are uploading the new generated apk?

Try exporting it to a new folder and change the filename.
What is the previous version and the new one?


thnx…i did,but will try again… its version 0.0.1 I’ve put 0.0.2 and 2.0.0 will try other combinations,


I’m sorry but I really don’t know Ionic Creator, can’t help much. Try asking in the ‘ionic-creator’ category here, people there might already experienced this. Sorry this time :confused:


No worries dude. Thanks anyway.