Update To Beta 8 Causes Header Title Bug

So I Had A project on beta 4 updated to beta 8. But i realised that the header overflow took a good half a millisecond noticeable to resize the header text and centre it. This was never an issue in beta 4.

Can you put together a codepen to demo this

I have same issue with Back link and ion navigation icon. If I come back from back link on header main page display < Back link and navigation icon some fraction of second but noticeable time (see attach image). After some time < Back link will disappear. This issue not happen on older version before beta.8. Please let me know if you find workaround.

After some fraction of second.

Also one thing I found is if both main page and second page have same title this issue happen. If both have different title it will work fine. Please check plunker demo for this issue

Great Thanks @kamleshkoringa for this sample a s I struggle to create samples from my code.
Also it is worth noting the header title issue. When you go to a next page the process of limiting the header title is visible which was not the case before.

I forked the last plunk and you can see this effect here

I have exactly the same issue as @kamleshkoringa since beta 8. And only if the titles are the same too.