Update for @ionic/app-scripts 2.0


Hey everyone!
We just cut a release for @ionic/app-scripts 2.0.0!

Now the reason for the major version change in app scripts is due to a change in your project.

We’ve made a note of this in the app-scripts changelog

But TLDR; in your src/index.html, add a new script tag for build/vendor.js

Some info on this:
We’ve gotten a lot of feed back from all of you regarding the speed of app-scripts. We’ve done a lot of work inside app-scripts to speed up the processing in the 2.0 release, one of which is splitting the vendor code, from your code.
This means that when your build your app, the vendor code (angular/rxjs/anything in node_module) will all get bundled into vendor.js. This mean, all of your app specific code will get bundled into main.js and any subsequent chunks if you’re lazy loading.

Now main.js can be processed much faster, since it doesn’t need to search through ALL of node_modules.
During serve/development, you should see much faster build/reload times because of this.

If you run into any issues, please open a new issue on the app-scripts repo.