Unset selection in ionic-modal-select plugin? any tips?

Hi everbody,

I use the ionic-modal-select plugin form the ionic marketplace. http://market.ionic.io/plugins/ionic-modal-select which works perfect so far but I have one problem.

I do have multiple selection option in one form but if the user select one option I need to reset another option which he might have set before. I am looking now for some way to unset/reset the selection made previews from the user but I want to do this in my controller.

There is an option to RESET the selection for the user inside the single selection modals from the creator of the plugin but I seem to not find a way to reset the selection from my controller instead.

any tip would be helpful, thx

Hi @Oliver2000,
sorry for the late reply,
i am the creator of that module.

In general I suggest you to use the github-version, which has a lot of updates.

For your specific issue, please add some code or a codepen I can take a look at.
If you are using ng-model properly, you should be able to unset/reset your model from there.

Let me know if you still need help