Select control option not changing when I set ng-model initially in Ionic App

I have a select control in my ionic - cordova app. Each option in select control has value and text which is loading with ng-repeat. When I set the ng-model initially the selection not changing. Please help me how to fix this. Below is the code I used;

<select  ng-model="myselecteditem">
 <option ng-repeat="item in myitemlist" value="{{item.value}}" >{{item.text}}</option>

Below is the code in controllers.js

var item = {};
item.value = "";
item.text = "--SELECT--";

item = {};
item.value = "1";
item.text = "item 1";

item = {};
item.value = "2";
item.text = "item 2";


From the above code the selected item by default will be ‘item2’ But its ‘–SELECT–’. Not changing.

I got answer from this url