Use modal with radio in place of ion-select?

I have an ion-select that has to show a whole lot of info at once, but the options can’t be multi-line, so on most devices it ends up cutting off; I’ve been suggested to use a modal with radio options in place; which, okay, I’ve implemented normally, but there’s some minor styling issues - “dot checkmark” is on the other side, the modal animation comes from below instead of the “pop” that the select does - and a bigger issue; how would I make the actual select field look right?

What I’ve tried:

ion-select, but disabled, with a click event that calls my modal-opening function: the select doesn’t actually hold the ngModel, but clicking on it opens the modal as intended.

ion-select, with a click event that calls my modal-opening function: click event is ignored, calls the normal select.

ion-select and a completely separate button whose click event calls the modal-opening function: works and stores the picked option in a variable that the ion-select also uses as its ngModel, but it doesn’t look anywhere close to right.

Any ideas?