Can you please help me how to use $ionicModal to behave like menu select with ion-radio?

I am trying to use $ionicModal for menu selection. Can you please help me what am I doing wrong? Please, have a look at on my codepen

I’m looking at it right now. It seems to be working fine and is pretty neat actually. What exact problem are you having?

The modal hides only the first time when I select the items. When I reselect the items which were selected in the past, the model doesn’t hide and doesn’t change the select menu.

Where are you seeing that problem. In desktop Chrome it is working fine:

Thanks @Calendee for your demo. Now I can see it is fine if I select one by one. But it looks like if I reselect the last selected item, the modal doesn’t hide and then it doesn’t matter whichever I select until I refresh the page and start over again. I am testing on Macintosh Chrome.

Aha… The problem is this : ng-change=doSomething(item)". If you reselect the same month, nothing has changed. So,
I changed it to ng-click="doSomething(item)".

See :

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Thanks a lot. It works now.