Unity Project Inside Ionic

Hi, I have a question regarding Unity and Ionic. Currently i am developing a mobile apps using ionic. The target user of the apps is for kids. So I am thinking of having a sort of mini game inside my apps. If I am using Unity to develop a game, how can I insert the game into my mobile apps? Or there is another way of developing mini games to be put inside a mobile apps.

I know the way I am explaining is kinda complicated :’) Sorry for that.

Thank you in advance.

Does anyone know how? :sob::sob:

It should be possible to do as you can display native views in an Ionic application, you might be able to find a Cordova plugin that allows for it. It can get awkward to mix web and native in this way though (i.e. attempting to display native views inside of web views).

If the types of games you are making are simple enough, you may have an easier time developing the games using the Phaser framework (this is web based and will integrate more easily with an Ionic project).

Omg thankyou so much for the reply! Idolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll :raised_hands: :raised_hands: