Ionic Unity app

is there a way for a Ionic app to integrate a Unity app or the other way around?

Thank you for any hint.

i think all depend what type of integration you need to make…
Tell me more about you integration.

I got a gearVR unity app which runs fullscreen.
I would need a webview to display a ionic app in a unity “canvas”.


a ionic app which launches the unity app

The full app would have to be unique so I can do file operations in the same sandbox, that’s why.

really i see this is dificult in this moment.
because these’re diferent tecnologies.

I will be investigate mabout that.

we’re in comunication.

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Hi everyone,
Any good updates? I tried to call but could not


I made a repo to get started.
Hope it helps

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Many thanks. I will try to integrate into my project.

I saw your commits on this

Maybe, when start app, it will launch unity app instead of UI ionic? is it right?
Can we launch Unity view from ionic app (web view)? Thanks. If can, can you point the code to call. I look into overall your code but I can not see.

have a look at my blog post

Thanks for your reply. Seem, not as I expected, We need a way to call Unity AR from ionic view (js code + cordova), not from native UI.

I’m interested in that, if you find a solution.