Looking for an Ionic Game Developer



Looking for someone to develop a simple endless runner game in Ionic for me using Phaser.io or anything else. If you have experience developing games for Ionic 3 leave your email below and I will contact you.


Since when are games made with ionic? Have i missed anything?


Hi @mandersm8
I sent you a message inbox…


I would use rather unity or another gameengine than ionic for maximum performance on mobile devices. I think Ionic is better suited for Proditivity Apps than mobile games.


I’ve thought about creating a quiz game, or something with a similar UI, where each page waits for a user who is moving slowly. Haven’t done it yet though.


I agree. Overall behavior of Ionic tells me it’s suited for productivity & enterprise style than gaming.
For gaming, you can use Construct 2 & Cordova… use javascript & css3 & html5 to create games and put it in cordova container. I wonder if you can easily create games on typescript. There aren’t too many typescript game examples available as far as I know.


Thats totaly possible, but for games where you need user reaction time and have good graphics like an endless runner I would rather use a proper game engine. Unity, Godot, Unreal or Game maker as example have all crossplatform for mobile and run directly in native code not in any kind of webview which results in better performance and graphics.


Apologies. maybe I should have explained the game a little better!

So the game doesn’t need great graphics, the game will be similar to what Flappy Bird is. Graphics and looks are not an issue as long as there is a proof of concept.

The reason its in Ionic is because the game is part of a larger application that is being developed, the reason I am asking for help is that I have no knowledge in this area.

The game does not have to be through HTML5, but is there a way you can add a flash game to an Ionic Project!


I wouldn’t use flash on mobile, its not suported out of the box there.

I think then html5 will suit your purpose just fine, but if you want to make lager and more performace hungry games with better grafics I would highly encourage you to use a proper game engine.


Plus Flash is sunsetting.


Thanks for all your help, clears things up for me a lot


Hi @mandersm8

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