Unable to log in

I have just launched my app using Ionic 2 (originally used ionic v1). All works great with ionic serve and when tested on my android device. However when I uploaded the app to google play everything has gone wrong! I cannot get past the log in page!!! I now my connection to the server is good as I can create a new user! Any ideas as to my error please?

You have to provide more information. Have you tested your apk before uploading???

No I didnt test the apk! I was unaware that you could. Any advice on how to best test it?

When you build it locally you can build it without the --release flag, so that you can debug the apk with adb and chrome after you installed the apk on your phone. (just copy the apk to your phone and install it by opening it)


I did build the app (ionic Cordova build) and ran it on my android device via usb. All worked perfectly well.
When I decided all was ok I did a “ build -release”, uploaded the apk to Google Play. When I downloaded the app from the store I discovered that I could not log in. I was able to create a new user so I know that the app was talking to the server.

So now I have an issue that I have no idea how to fix.

I can give you the github address if you can help.

I could look over you code of course, but first another question did you tested you release apk before uploading it to the store. That way we would know if its sth with the apk or google play.

I didn’t test the actual apk file. I don’t know how to do that!


I mean installing it onto your device and see wether it works.

I would appreciate any help! Thanks

I have just tested the android-debug.apk and the login doesnt respond

I think I have found the error:
on “ionic cordova run android” I get an error message “The connection to
the server was unsuccessful (file:///android_asset/www.index.html)” -
by adding

<preferencename="loadUrlTimeoutValue"value=“700000”/> |

has resolved the test apk! Now to try it for real.

same problem but <preferencename="loadUrlTimeoutValue"value=“700000”/> not working

shouldn’t it be www/index.html?