Run ionic app on Android device

Hello everyone,

I’m new Ionic Framework user and I really need your help.

This error message appears when I run my application on android device. I tried both ways :

  • ionic build android then ionic run android -lc


  • ionic build android then copy paste the apk on the device and install it


any ideas ?

I’m at your disposal for more details.



ionic cordova run android --device

also you might just extend loadTime in your config.xml with:

<preference name="loadUrlTimeoutValue" value="90000" />
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Thank you very much for your help.

It’s working now but without " - lc ".

Please I have 2 more questions :

1 - Is there any other way to log application running on device ?

2 - I need to give apk to the client soon, should I generate a signed apk ?

Thanks in advance

1 - you can plugin device to computer, in chrome tools tap 3 dots -> more tools -> remote devices
assure that you have turned on developer options on your device, and USB debugging is on

PS 1 - you can debug device remotely as well, here is how to.

2 - depends on your needs, if you run build with –release there would be no logs in console - and you can send client unsigned apk

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