The connection to server was unsuccessful (

hello every one
when i run my app on emulator got this error message

the connection to server was unsuccessful (

Sorry i misread your post at first. Are you sure that you are using the right IP ? Are you connected via network to your PC or via USB ?

Ive never had problems connecting my android device maybe you forgot to enable developer options for your phone. Or you windows Firewall is blocking the attempt. Also wich browser are you using ?

i run it on emulator not on my mobile
yes i’m sure about ip adress it’s works fine with ( ionic serve )
but on emulator i got this message
i use chrome

There is a config setting in config.xml that defines the timeout. Googling for it should give you an idea. Increase it to give the app more time to start and load the app. (Happens on slower computers where the emulator is slow)

Alternative solution can be to use a faster emulator like Genymotion.

i try it

but the same error

i try something different
i run my app with :
ionic serve
then i open genymotion emulator and enter my ip adress in web browser
its open white page but have the title of my app only