Config.xml not found

I’m using Ionic Appflow for the first time. I’ve upload a project to Git and it’s connected and all that seems fine. The problem is that when I try to generate the app it comes back with: error,

/usr/local/Cellar/fastlane/2.148.1/libexec/bin/fastlane: [!] Neither config.xml for Cordova nor capacitor.config.json for Capacitor found (RuntimeError)
[01:32:39]: fastlane finished with errors

Now, in my github project, the config.xml file is under a “default” folder, under the main project folder. Is this the problem? If it is, how can adjust that?

Previously used PhoneGap Build, and didn’t have this issue.

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For anyone still having this issue:

For me it was because I forgot I placed the whole app/ionic project in a specific folder in git.
What I had to do was to place my project in root instead of a subdirectory.
I guess Ionic Appflow does not look for the config.xml in subdirectories but only looks into the root folder.

So make sure the config.xml (and the rest of your Ionic Project files) in your Git Repo are placed in /config.xml instead of /myAppFolder/config.xml.

Would be nice if Appflow would give a hint where it’s looking for the config.xml tho

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From the error message it is clear that Appflow could not find either the config.xml or the capacitor.config.json file in a location where it expects.

mtodiy is right! Appflow expects to find the config.xml file to be present in the root of your project.

I would suggest you to move the config.xml file from the “default” folder, to the root and give it a try again.

If you are having any further trouble, I suggest contacting Appflow support: to have a closer look.