Uber-Newby Question: Starting New Project with ionic-angular-cordova-seed

I am brand new to the Phonegap/cordova - Ionic - Angular stack and confused about how to use the seed project.

My goal is to build a basic “Hello World” app for IOS and Android, get the sims working, set up a Github repo and, eventually, use Phonegap Build to build the app.

I stepped thru this tutorial successfully: http://ccoenraets.github.io/ionic-tutorial/ which has a different structure than the seed.

Running OSX 10.9.5 / Node v0.12.7 / Phonegap 5.0.0-0.28.0 / cordova 5.1.1 / Ionic 1.6.4

Do I start with: ionic start ionic-sampleApp blank

If I: git clone https://github.com/driftyco/ionic-angular-cordova-seed.git inside of ionic-sampleApp/, it just puts a new folder there, and reining git clone from the parent folder gives me an “already exists and not empty” message.

What am I missing?

Any help greatly appreciated.

You’re mixing 2 git projects.
If you really want to use both, you should do it in different folders that are not nested.

If you are new to hybrid mobile app development then why not start with a book:

  • Developing an Ionic Edge
  • Ionic in Action

Look at the sample code:

Download the free chapter from ‘Ionic in Action’: http://www.manning.com/wilken/IonicinA_MEAP_ch01.pdf


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Exactly. So, How do I use this seed?

It does not have the package.json file, which, if I understand correctly, node looks for to set up the server dependencies. Can I just copy the .json file from the basic ionic set up?

If I want to use Bower or Gulp with the seed, It appears that I would have to add these.

It does come with a basic single page style app, complete with controllers.js and services.js.

Is this seed just a simple starter app with the absolute minimum required for Phonegap?

Don’t use this seed, it’s one year old.
Follow @robinyo advice and use a book.

If you’re new to Angular, learn about it first, you won’t be able to achieve anything without the basis.

But if you still want to head first then follow the Ionic docs