Grunt ionic-angular seed for Cordova

Hi! I found some disadvantages in ionic starter project (it is my personal opinion). They are:

  1. A lot of JS files are included in www/js and www/js/lib folder. There are both minified and full file versions but index.html includes not minified files only.
  2. Compass to css compilation missing.
  3. I prefer local build, so I don’t need res folder in my www (as result, a lot of garbage in www folder).

So I wrote my own one Grunt-based Ionic-Angular seed giac-seed (Xmas edition ;))

May be I reinvent the wheel. But I belive it will be usefull for somebody


Awesome initiative! Would be great if the Ionic guys showed some more Grunt love in their seed project. Let’s use the tools everyone uses :smile:

Besides using grunt, a full on generator for yeoman would be great too. Select which platforms you want, compile all your Javascript, build for all platforms in one command. I like the ionic/cordova cli but I like the testing abilities and compiling that is done in yeoman.

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You sir, just hit the nail on it’s head. That would be even more awesome.

There already is a similar initiative out there but it could use some polishing:

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Well what do you know…

This is great, but it is under development still. Perhaps some community members could reach out and give a hand. This looks very promising.

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I guess that will be nice if we forke the last two Git at one only, because the MNCC has a lot of features, expanding Ionic generator…

Or let’s define some requirements and start, with the forum community here, a new project inspired by these two projects?