Tutorial on Beta Push Notifications (no longer Alpha changed today)

I have noticed my push notifications on my app no longer work, this is due to the changes made today by Ionic here

Is there a ready-made tutorial that shows how to implement this in a step-by-step fashion?

I’ll read the docs in the meantime and try to make sense of it all :slightly_smiling:

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Hi gkimpson,

We’ve been looking into beta push notifications and haven’t had any luck with it. Just wondering if you’ve had any luck?


Hi gkimpson,

I am also trying to use the beta push notifications with no luck.

It looks like the notifications that I’m generating are getting enqueued on the ionic server and never distributed.
i.e. the ionic push beta simply doesn’t work at the moment.

I was wondering if you’ve had any further luck?


I’ve not looked at this since - I had these working fine until the new changes Ionic pushed to put this into Beta - i’m hoping a tutorial comes up soon :slight_smile:

It’s not working for me neither

I have also trouble with that.
Bump for tutorial :wink:

Any answer ? I have the same thing on my app since the 2.0.0-beta.
Notifications are sent but never distributed on phones…

Well i just found out, that sending pushes to external_ids does not work.

sending the pushNotification to the is which is generated by ionic works

Hi did anyone got it working? @gkimpson have you got it working? I’m getting the same issue … my notifications are enqueued but never distributed.

@mazz could you please elaborate how you’re getting it to work?


Have anyone got it working. Unable to send any dev and production push notifications. Please help!!

Push notification is working for me in full setup.:slight_smile:

My dear, please help us. You could make your PUSH service work and does not tell us how !?

Sry salute…

Can you post your code?