Is anyone using Ionic Push beta in production?

Hey all,

Just wondering if anybody is currently using Ionic Push beta in production (i.e. your app is available in the App Store or on Google Play).

I’ve been trying to set up the Push service since January and have run into blockers for various reasons, and since not too many people post on the forums about Ionic Push, I’m wondering if anybody currently has a successful and maintainable version in production. If so, what’s your app called? And do you have any advice for overcoming common obstacles (e.g. common points of confusion with the new beta documentation).


Hello @stewartmccoy, we are using it and for the last two days push notifications stopped working. Looks like all our messages end up “enqueued” and never sent.
Are you using push in your app? How does it work for you?

I decided not to use the Ionic Push service, but instead build my own server. Here’s a tutorial I plan to reference: I haven’t gone through it yet, as I am currently going through a 3-month bootcamp to learn node.js beforehand. I’ll follow up once I’ve gone through the tutorial and built my own server to handle APNS.