Push notificartions problem with ionic.io

Recently I changed my account email address, and notifications stop working. I was on alpha version, so I migrated to beta, thinking that was the problem. Currently I’m on beta version, but still didn´t receive niotifications. I have configured dev_push to false, and I created the securioty profile with the apn certtificate and the gcm key. The devices are correctly registered as console log and dashboard ifnormation, but if a send a test push from dasboard never arrives to iOS or Andorid. Can yo help me?

Hi there,

I had the same problem but I fixed it. Here some steps:

First read these documentation for correct migration:
http://docs.ionic.io/docs/push-full-setup this is for full set up for push notification, follow the tutorial step by step

Second, I had to configured dev_push to true for this full set up ( I dont know if it’s the correct way for this, but It works for now in my app)

Third, take the Device token of your app and for example, create a curl with that to test it.

Good luck

I did that step by step and I have dev_push in flase :S

I got it working on Android, but not on iOS. I’m getting always APNS_BAD_DEVICE_TOKEN, I check my security profile and is OK. I tried with dev and prod configurations :S

I have the same problem.

Created my certificates multiple times and followed the tuts step by step…

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