ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND ionic start myApp tabs --capacitor --type react

I am brand new to ionic and I just tried to create a new ionic app with electron support by running ‘ionic start myApp tabs --capacitor --type react’ and then I did ‘ionic build’ and then ‘npx cap add electron’, ‘npx cap copy’, and finally ‘npx cap open electron’ but all I see is a blank screen with the error message that some of the chunked css and js files couldn’t be found. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!

Any solution found for this? Earlier today I submitted a question on the same issue. Finally came across this one. Not a good impression to have this go unanswered for months…

Found it… so for posterity:

  • remove from ./electron/app/index.html the tag <base href="/" />
  • add this property to ./electron/package.json: "homepage": "."

Source: Tutorial/guide to build for Ionic-React-Electron app