Turn website (php) into App; cordova or capacitor?

Hey guys,

I want to turn my php website into an app.

So, I found on youtube that cordova has done that job quite well.
(Though, I couldn’t figure out if it is possible to do it with php sites too)

But then I came across that article, on ionic website, which explains, why capacitor is better than cordova - as it gives more native control/ features.

Can you help me and tell me, whether
a) it is possible to turn a php website into an app via 1- cordova or 2- capacitor,
b) if yes, which of both I should use for this?


In both Cordova and Capacitor you should ship all your app assets within the bundle, which makes not possible to run PHP as it’s a server language. What is recommended is to create web services in your server and make your app interact with the server by connecting to those web services via HXR/fetch calls.
In both Cordova and Capacitor you can point to a remote server. This is not recommended as it can lead to app rejections, but it’s possible. In Capacitor it’s slightly simpler to use this approach, you just need to configure the server.url property in the capacitor config file, while in Cordova you’ll need to upload some cordova files such as cordova.js if you want plugins to work.

Thank you very much for that clear answer!

I will have a look on how to integrate web script elements.


Hi J Cesar,

thank you again for your answer.

Are you familiar with creating web services (php website, css, javascript / linux server)?

Are you open for freelance?

Big thank.

Sorry, I work full time for Ionic.

Also, I’ve not worked in server related things for around 8 years now.