Should we give up cordova?

I’m thinking about whether to completely migrate from cordova to capacitor.
1.Whether cordova will continue to make progress in the future?
2.Will ionic focus on supporting cordova?

Apache Cordova is certainly one solution available. The team here at Ionic makes Capacitor and IMHO, I think this is the way to go moving fwd. Capacitor has support from the Ionic team as well as the Open Source Community. Most developers love their experience with Capacitor, give it a try and let us know your thoughts!

Migrate over to Capacitor and join us in the Capacitor channel on the Ionic Discord server


Just to add a “not ionic-team” - opinion:

Next to the questions you asked: Capacitor is just better! I worked years with cordova before and after the first try’s with Capacitor it was like a completely nicer world :sweat_smile: The fact that the native projects are not recreated on every build and stuff like that causes so much less trouble and headache, so i would definitively recommend to left Cordova behind you :v:t3:


working with cordova was a living hell to me.
Capacitor really took it to a very next level: easy to use, better performance, easy to upgrade.

Everytime i needed to install / upgrade a cordova plugin was a nightmare: most of the times something was failing.

Now I’m smiling again! :smiley:

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We migrated a huge app from Cordova to Capacitor and while things are generally better, we are still relying on Cordova plugins for a few tasks.

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