Turn off splash screen by going to capacitor.config.json

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How can I disable splash screen option?

I put splashScreen.hide() on app.component.ts but it’s not working and ‘splashscreen’ is empty on capacitor.config.json but it’s still showing splash screen

Below is mine app.component.ts code

import { Plugins } from '@capacitor/core';
const { capacitorSplashScreen } = Plugins;
initializeApp() {


    this.platform.ready().then(() => {






"SplashScreen": {

      "launchAutoHide": false


and if I use ‘launchAutoHide’ as you can see above on app start i only see splashscreen nothing else.

and i also want to know how I can change icon on capacitor. I changed mostly icon by going to ‘res’ folder but still on android I see default icon of capacitor

I believe you don’t want to do this. I aimed to do this myself but otherwise you will receive a white screen until your app opens. Best to create a simple logo, show it and wait 30+ seconds in capacitor config and then close it when app becomes available. This will show logo until app is ready to be seen.