Splash screen not hiding on Android

Like the title says, the splash screen is not hiding on Android.

Capacitor 3.4.1, @capacitor/splash-screen 1.2.2

capacitor.config.ts has:

  plugins: {
    SplashScreen: {
      launchAutoHide: false,
	  launchShowDuration: 60000,
	  androidScaleType: 'CENTER_CROP',
	  showSpinner: true

The code is like this:

import { SplashScreen } from '@capacitor/splash-screen';

console.log(`Hide splash screen`);
SplashScreen.hide().then(()=>console.log(`Splashscreen hidden`));

Both messages appear in console but the Splashscreen is still on.

You have to remove launchAutoHide from capacitor.config.ts to hide splash screen.