How can i disable Capacitor Splash screen each time app lunches?

I dont want capacitor splash screen to show or blink any time i lunch my app, i dont want to us Cordova Splash screen… Pls i need help.

Depending on the platform, it might be a requirement. iOS app use the splash screen to ‘hide’ the boot process of the app. Android does not require it, but it is consider a best practice to include on. Apps are able to show this image, thus giving feedback to the user that the app is launching, while the app goes through its longer loading process.

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Is it possible to change the black status bar of the capacitor splash screen to white

For changing the color of the status bar.

const isStatusBarAvailable = Capacitor.isPluginAvailable(‘StatusBar’);
if (isStatusBarAvailable) {
StatusBar.setBackgroundColor({ color: ‘#ffffff’ })

That… Is for app StatusBar… But the splash screen is not full screen… Rather it shows a black status bar

solved this adding to capacitor.config.json:

“SplashScreen”: {
“launchShowDuration”: 0,
“launchAutoHide”: true,
“backgroundColor”: “#ffffffff

and in AppComponent:


I used your method @acosme but in my case when I opened app i still see splash screen icon so what should I do?

Here is app.component.ts code

import { Plugins } from '@capacitor/core';

const { capacitorSplashScreen } = Plugins;

initializeApp() {

    this.platform.ready().then(() => {





and capacitor.config.json code

"plugins": {

    "SplashScreen": {

      "launchShowDuration": 0,

      "launchAutoHide": false,

      "backgroundColor": "#ffffffff"




  • set “launchAutoHide” to true in capacitor.config.json;
  • remove all splash images from android studio, ex: res/drawable/{folders-with-splashes};
  • set “SplashScreen.hide();” in app.component.ts;

hope this help,