Capacitor splash screen not showing on ios

Hello everyone,

I have this application that doesnt show it’s capacitor splash screen on ios. The app boots up using the native splash screen and shows the logo (for less then a second). Then capacitor kicks in with a white screen. On android it is working fine. What could cause this, and how does capacitor now which files to use as a splashscreen screen?
I’m using Vue and Ionic for anyone who’s interested.

Were you able to solve this one? I have a white screen on iOS too. Using React and Ionic. I have not tested on Android yet.

I did not, but I ran the app recently using xCode and saw some logs saying the app was unable to find splash screen resources. You may want to look into that…

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Thanks. I eventually solved it (after much searching) by doing the following. In capacitor.config.json, change/add auto hide to false. I also removed the “launchShowDuration: 0” that was there:

"plugins": {
    "SplashScreen": {
      "launchAutoHide": false

In app.js, import the SplashScreen plugin, and hide it on componentDidMount:

import {Plugins} from "@capacitor/core";
const {SplashScreen} = Plugins;
componentDidMount() {

Seemed to work in my case. Have not fully tested everything or built an Android version yet.


Yes, You are right. It will solve my problem. :grinning: