Tried to use turnjs in my project


i used turn.js in my project which is working fine when i keep the data in the div but if i use ng repeat in it then it doesnt show anything

any suggessions

I am also doing so, but not able to accomplished.

I Have a repository on github i guess you should check that out but it has some issues in history.js i hope if you can fix it then its better then pageturn
one more repo is you should also try that out


@ezazwar, can you please explain how to user turn.js in ionic project. I want use it for page transition between two pages

have a look at this Flipboard Flip Effect

it will help you with same sort of effect but has a bug that you need to fix

try your luck


Just wanted to try with “Turn.js” rather than using this flipboard flip effect. Is it possible to use turn.js?

then you are on your own buddy