Using turnJS in Ionic2

Dear all,

I am stuck very badly in one of the problem due to which my app is incomplete. I am building an app for viewing deals with Ionic 2. I want to develop a flipbook which has to display image as a flipbook like in the following link

I tried to implement this plugin in Ionic 2 app but was not successful. My questions are the following

How can I integrage turn js plugin to my Ionic2 app?(Any guidance)

Thanks in advance.

Shall I expect any answer? I am a kind of stuck. Help is needed.

Probably not. I think you’re on your own on this one. I don’t see any sign that anybody has bothered to write an Angular 2 bridge for this library.

Thanks Just one simple thing, does this plugin need to be upgraded for IONIC 2? Or it can be used on IONIC 2?

It will be of absolutely no use to you with Ionic 2. You are going to have to roll your own Angular 2 solution (better idea) or just interact with it via jQuery (ugly and harder to maintain).

Thanks @rapropos. I just needed that clarification. Just one more thing can old cordova plugins be used in IONIC 2?