Flipboard Flip Effect

Hello Guys
i have some how tried to incorporate the flipboard effect in my app hope you like it but there is one problem with this due to history.js which creates problem with navigation to another views

Github Url: https://github.com/ezazwar1/flipboard




Hi Ionic Team any help how to get it fixed

Actually what history.js is doing is appending pageno to the end of the url and that breaks everything

Btw this is cool animation hope that it works


How can we change the direction of flip. I need to flip it from bottom to top or vice versa

I don’t want the first and last page. Instead i need to keep reading it like a book. how can i do that?

Also is it possible to change the flip from bottom to top.

sorry for late reply but if you are going to use this plugin you cant add anymore pages cause it blocks the entry to any other state

if you have fixed that , then its awesome and i can check and go ahead to see how to implement the changes you have suggested otherwise it is just waste of time to have only one view working

Btw the issue is Due to history.js


i tried different options but i’m not able to fix that. I hope to try something different so that the flip animation works while navigating through the pages

Take a look, it’s not perfect stackoverflow.com/questions/37849633/integrating-wowbook-with-ionic

great thanks for sharing i will have a close look at this once i am having some time


I’ve updated my answer on stackoverflow.com

Hi all any one got the solution for flipboard flip effect or any alternative for this please suggest me i am stuck on here how to deal with this.

Can i make same view with both side page (like book) for image.

thank you

Yes you can just check pageturn.js

instead of angular can i use HTML, CSS, PHP, JQUERY, JAVASCRIPT.

I want to make this view, please check the link (http://pageflip-books.com/#fantasticfour/page/4-5).

is it possible.