Ionic v2 PDF Viewer

Hi All,

I want to show my .pdf in some viewer look like an Flip

Any Idea and Any Example is there ? Kindly let me know

Thanks in Advance

what do you mean with “Flip”?

i know the mozilla pdf.js project to view pdfs:


for building and viewing pdfs

Hi Bengtler,

Thanks for reply me :slight_smile:

I’ve shared a link and see.

The Trun.js document said to create a div for each page but I’ve only .pdf

Demo :

Go to right most top corner and flip the page

So, I need like this when I gives .pdf file.

yeah this is a little bit hard for pdfs… you could try to use pdf.js in combination with turn.js. But i think this will be very inperformant for large pdfs --> with pdf.js you can render a single page in a dom node --> so you could add create divs for each page in the pdf and add turnjs to the divs.