ToastController gone in Ionic 2 Beta2-32?

I am using Ionic 2 beta-32 at the time of writing. I wanted to import from ionic-angular package the “ToastContoller” module.

Unfortunately my IDE tells me:

TS2305:Module ..../ionic-angular/index" has no exported member 'ToastController'.

Hi @nottinhill,

Here’s the API’s working demo

Good luck,

Thanks for that. Unfortunately, it seems to be gone in Beta 32. Any idea how to reactivate? This might be a regression bug.

I’m in beta 36.

try updating :slight_smile:

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After upgrade to beta2-36 we are seeing this navbar / toolbar not found issue.

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Happened to me as well. Should we report it as Issue at Gihub?

Yes absolutely. We are having 5 team members who are basically sitting around and drinking coffee due to this, money being burned as we speak. Could you open the issue?

I will, later this evening = in few hours

Follow Steps to Upgrade to Beta 11

I can confirm above to be working. Make sure to use the “exact-rc4” commands and update ALL broken code. There’s a lot of it, unfortunately, but documentation is good.

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That’s what happens in Beta-phases. And it’s a lot of work, but if you don’t refactor your mistakes (or refactor newly gained insights), you get stuck with bad ideas.

I like to put stuff like this in providers, so I can call a toast from a controller like“bla”) and handle the generic code in the provider. This way you save some code (3-4 lines every call to a toast, for example) and you can handle changes better. Let’s say you want toasts to appear a bit longer, or on a different location, thats just a single change in the provider instead of a change on every location you use the toast.